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Do you find yourself going to the kitchen in the morning for your cup of coffee and your spouse’s dishes have been left in the sink for the 100th time, the cabinet doors and drawers have all been left open, the dog hasn’t been fed and you’re running late?

Your mornings are crazy with remembering what the kids need for school, organizing their supplies, planning for their activities, transporting them to and fro? All you want is time to comb your hair and look somewhat presentable before you need to leave the house.

After work, you hastily drive to the store to pick up what the family needs for dinner…doing all the meal-planning, hauling it home and preparing the meal. You’re exhausted.

You Have More Power Than You Think.

Do you find that having a conversation about finances turns into a full-blown fight?

When nighttime hits and you finally get to sit down in your favorite chair, someone needs a glass of water and no one but you seems to hear the request. You’re too tired to even entertain a conversation, much less feel like getting physical with your spouse.

You wonder what happened to the fun couple, the one that loved to go on a date, who laughed together, who were passionate for one another.

Do you sometimes wonder if you’ve chosen the right mate? Are you scared? Feeling alone? Feeling unheard?

Well, it might help for you to know this is not uncommon. There are stages of relationships and with each stage, hurdles to address. It’s how we address these hurdles that either benefits us or taxes us to the max. 

It is possible to learn how to jump these hurdles! Yes, you can bring love, passion and satisfaction back into your life.

Imagine you and your spouse being able to sit down and make plans so that you each are clear on how you’re going to handle the day-to-day…and you actually follow the plan!

Imagine that you both have free time to work out, go shopping, watch a game, have a cup of tea in the evening by the fire and enjoy a conversation. Nirvana!

Imagine feeling appreciated for what you do and there are fair expectations for who does what!

It is possible! Yes! This is where coaching comes in.

My goal is helping you enjoy your home, your spouse, your children, and most importantly… YOUR LIFE!

I have been a psychotherapist for 25 years and am a Certified Master Relationship Coach. I have the experience and use proven strategies to turn your relationship around. I’ll explain why these results have been achieved by couples and how you can achieve them too!

Schedule a 30 minute FREE phone or video consultation, with either one or both of you. You’ll walk away with knowledge of the process and action steps you can take now.

What are clients saying about Grace?

 “When I started working with Grace, I was skeptical. We were able to look at my relationship and make changes that made a difference. I was elated!”

- Nancy P.

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