Are You Ready for a Relationship Transformation?  

“Relationships can be transformed and there are decades of research which pinpoint what to do and how to do it.” – Grace Stout


Coaching helps you become a relationship MASTER 



“Supporting couples and families to experience love and connection is why I’m here. Eventually we can see the design and it all makes sense.”

– Grace Stout, Master Relationship Coach  

Ready for a New Chapter?

Nothing stays the same and the same is true for relationships. Why not decide how this next chapter of your relationship will unfold?  If you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll increase the likelihood of creating a relationship that works! 

Every relationship has a dance.

Once you learn the rhythms and moves of your current relationship, you’ll be able to see predictable patterns. It’s from this perspective that you can introduce change.

You Can learn how to change the relationship with proven tools.

  • How one person can be a powerful change agent

  • How to respond in an argument vs. being reactive

  • How to create fun and passion in your relationship

  • How to create deep intimacy and a solid foundation

“You can either be a Master of relationships or a Disaster” – John Gottman, The Gottman Institute

I have studied with top authorities on relationships, not only couple experts, but parenting experts. I have spent over 20 years amassing the knowledge so that I can provide the support families need. This gives me the ability to formalize and individualize my coaching relationships to maximize growth.

My relationship philosophy is founded upon a desire and ethic to provide the best help available. I consider my relationship with couples as a sacred collaboration. Although I have many resources and a wealth of knowledge, Divine intervention is key. I consider it a sacred gift and mission to work with families.

Meet Grace Stout

Hi, I’m Grace Stout. I have been a licensed psychotherapist for decades and a Master Relationship Coach.  I have years of experience joining those on their journey through rough times and helping them to transition into a bright future. 

I am passionate about the wellbeing of others. I have a masters degree in counseling and post-graduate work in Family Therapy.  I’ve been fortunate to have studied and worked with leaders in relationship transformation.  While in private practice I discovered that many individuals would benefit from coaching verses psychotherapy.  Telehealth allows me to coach individuals nationally and internationally.  

As a mother and grandmother who has gone through her own personal struggles, I have learned the importance of independence and empowerment. I know what it’s like to face the rough roads in life and have battled my own demons in making those transitions.  I understand how overwhelming change can be…but I also know there are ways to help make that journey less painful.   

I have grown immensely in my personal journey and I believe my experience in therapy and coaching has allowed me to make those transitions easier and move on more effectively.   Now, I want to partner with you on your path towards a bright tomorrow. 

Living a satisfying life is not out of reach for you. You can take control of your life just as I did. You just have to take the first step: Ask for help


“Her knowledge and the ability to listen to our struggles was something we’d never experienced before in all of our previous therapy, Grace’s help is what turned us around.” – Ben W


Master Your Relationship

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